modern digital culture

Digital culture

Social media & modern digital culture

Social media are an integral part of modern digital culture. They exist on a variety of platforms.

Social platforms are sources of benefits for companies and individuals. They facilitate remote collaboration and content creation. And by becoming part of an online community, you can develop your critical thinking skills.

Internet of Things

What we can expect from _intelligent objects

IoT refers to objects connected to the Internet that are capable of communicating with applications or with each other.

These objects are equipped with chips that enable them to exchange data. These hubs of technology are based on a number of innovations, such as cloud computing and AI. Ultimately, their aim is to improve your daily life and your working conditions.

Smart thermostat

This device guarantees the ideal temperature in your home. It also adapts to your preferences.

Smart watch

The smartwatch lets you measure your heart rate, check your emails, etc.

Connected security camera

Use the connected security camera to monitor your home remotely using your computer or smartphone.

Startups & innovation

How are startups reshaping the product experience?

Startups are adopting a PIM solution to optimise the management of their product data. They also make it possible to enhance the value of their descriptions across various sales channels.

This software solution centralises the technical information of your items. By using the tool, you can reinvent the product experience while boosting your growth. The solution will help you design customised information sheets.

  • Save time and improve efficiency
  • Improve the reliability and quality of the product information
  • Increase the attractiveness and visibility of your products
How are startups reshaping the product experience

Emerging technologies

Shaping the future with emerging technologies

Emerging technologies have the potential to revolutionise the world as we know it. These innovations offer solutions to a variety of challenges. Biotechnology, nanotechnology and robotics are promising fields that can shape the future.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing

  • Solving complex problems such as quantum chemistry.
  • Technical challenges in building quantum computers.
  • Cryptographic algorithms resistant to quantum computing power.
Virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR)

Virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR)

  • Interacting with virtual objects or scenarios.
  • Serious applications, immersive and fun experiences.
  • Simplifying access to information and communication.


  • Creating secure, transparent and distributed registers.
  • Creating cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.
  • Storing and transmitting decentralised information.
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Medical diagnostics, machine translation and voice recognition.
  • Weak or narrow AI vs. strong or general AI.
  • Improving everyday life, education and health.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies for growth

Digital marketing encompasses techniques that enable you to boost your business and promote your brand online. The most effective digital solutions include search engine optimisation and social networking.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Reach a committed and targeted audience through the power of recommendation.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

This strategy increases sales and brand awareness.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing

Strengthen and create a relationship of trust and customer loyalty.

Content marketing

Content marketing

Distribute and create relevant content to attract a target audience.

Key factors to consider when investing in technology

If you want to improve your business project, take an interest in technology to stay competitive. The world of technology is constantly evolving at lightning speed. To strengthen your competitiveness and boost your performance, you need to learn how to use the latest technological tools.


Mobile applications

Essential strategies for success

To design a mobile application, you need to define the scope of your project and set out its specifications.

To do this, you need to consider its usefulness and added value. Don’t forget to select the right platform and the best language for creating your mobile app. Depending on your ambitions, you can choose native or hybrid software.

Industrial technologies

Revolutionary technologies in growing industries

Electric & autonomous vehicles

Electric & autonomous vehicles

Electric and autonomous vehicles are revolutionising the world of transportation.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a cheap and secure service.

Advanced robotics

Advanced robotics

Advanced robotics enables the design of robots capable of performing adaptive tasks.

Big data

Big data

By harnessing big data, you can improve your performance.